Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 2012 Neu Koeln Berlin Painting: Fauvism at work.

Man from Berlin Berlinale 2012

Girl from Berlin Berlinale2012

American Girl from sketch meeting at Werkstadt Emserstrasse Neukoln, Berlin.

Museum Island Insel at night.

This is from a sketch at the evaluation of the Berlinale. People had to sit on wooden benches for hours. So they were seeking new positions. Of course the talk was bullshit, never heard people speak in public and use so much "I, our, we , mine". They could not make a single sentence without referencing to themselves.

Ida Nowhere, Food coop and small cult club, Neukoeln, Berlin

Girl from Ida Nowhere, Neukoeln, Berlin

The cook and mobile chef just put his stove on top of a shopping cart.

Mario at Berlin Berlinale 2012

Tempelhof airport Berlin: biking over runway 27

Woman from Berlin, Berlinale 2012

Pouting lips building a castle of lost dreams.

Balcony at our room

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